"reasonable" bulk resolver behavior

Paul Vixie vixie at sa.vix.com
Thu Jan 13 16:50:51 UTC 2005

Steve Friedl <steve at unixwiz.net> writes:

> > for the record, i still think that using a thread-safe resolver like IRS
> > (which is contained in bind8 and bind9's "libbind") and pthreads is the
> > right way to go, compared to ADNS.  though i'd still like to do something
> > that ran natively on top of bind8's "eventlib" someday.
> Is this out of personal preference, or some deeper technical reason?
> I generally avoid pthreads because it's just not portable enough: I can
> make singlethreaded select() do nearly anything - for DNS or whatever -
> including on Win32 where I have some modest involvement [see "MVP" below].

as the original author of bind8 "eventlib", i clearly agreed with your
position... but that was in 1995.  pthreads on windows works well enough
that they can get FIPS certification, which is good enough for BIND8 "IRS".
Paul Vixie

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