Error to validate the signature of a SIG(0) transaction...

Jim Reid jim at
Fri Jan 14 14:33:56 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Gil Perez <manuel at> writes:

    >> After all, only you will know the format of that original RSA
    >> key.

    Manuel> I'm using RSA public keys in PKCS#1 format
    Manuel> ( I
    Manuel> don't think this format is very strange.

Your original posting didn't say what format your RSA key was in. So
whether that format is strange or not is beside the point. You didn't
tell us what it was. Anyway if you had asked "can anyone tell me how
to convert an RSA key in PKCS#1 format to a DNSKEY or KEY RRtype?" my
answer would have been pretty much the same. The RFCs and drafts
document the wire and presentation formats for these RRs. If you have
a key in some other format, it's up to you to do the conversion or
find tools that can do this. I'm not aware of any such tools. Perhaps
RSA Labs or the OpenSSL people have something suitable?

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