queryperf warnings aimed at BIND 9.3.0 Win32

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Jan 15 05:04:35 UTC 2005

At 11:27 PM 1/14/2005, Vinny Abello wrote:
>Maybe I worded this incorrectly.

No, I understood perfectly.

>Queryperf IS running on FreeBSD 5.3. When aimed at FreeBSD/BIND 9.3.0 
>(itself) it works fine. When aimed at Windows Server 2003/BIND 9.3.0 on 3 
>different machines (two on the same 100Mb switched subnet) I get the above 
>errors. When aimed at Windows Server 2003/MSDNS I do NOT get the errors. 
>When aimed at other FreeBSD/BIND 9.3.0 servers it works fine. So it seems 
>to only be an issue with BIND 9.3.0 on Windows Server 2003 (possibly other 
>Windows versions as well. I could test it on 2000 or XP I suppose). I was 
>trying to find out why this was and how to correct it as it's skewing the 
>test scores. The Windows/BIND 9.3.0 servers are working perfectly fine 
>otherwise as far as I can tell... other than some crashing issues on 
>occasion but that's a different subject.

I'm trying to figure out whether it's Windows 2003 or BIND 9.3.0 that is
causing this problem even though you say that BIND is responding
perfectly. It could also be a problem with queryperf since it's not written
for windows and it's getting unexpected status returned. It's hard to tell.

What BIND crashes are you seeing? Are you running on a single processor
or a multiprocessor? Are these crashes on all versions of the O/S?


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