Bind 9.3.0 on FreeBSD 5.3 exits with signal 11

Dirk Janssen djanssen at
Wed Jan 19 22:36:52 UTC 2005

Hi Marc,

thanks for your answer.

>         You are hitting FreeBSD's 512 MB datasize limit and memory
>         requests are failing.  This is then exercising error paths
>         which unfortunately have bugs on them.  Stack backtraces
>         from the core dumps would be useful as it would give us
>         a chance to remove the bugs (bind9-bugs at

Unfortunatly a collegue of mine has already deleted the huge cordumps.
If named coredumps again I will send you the requested data.

>         To raise the datasize limit above 512 MB you need to tune the
>         kernel.

Do you now the sysctl statement for this? I havn't found anything
suitable. But what I've found was, that /etc/login.conf has no datasize
limit defined (:datasize=3Dunlimited:\) isn't that sufficient?

>        You will also need to specify datasize in options
>         or have raised the per/process limit before starting named.
>         Note: you don't want to raise the datasize above the amount
>         of real memory in the machine.  Named does not perform well
>         if it needs to page.

I've now specified { datasize 800M; } and { max-cache-size 600M; }
without any other modification. I will check out what happens...

>> Another thing that I've encountered with this version of bind is that
>> if the cache has grown approximately every hour each instance of bind
>> comsumes around 95% CPU for a short period (estimated 1-2 minutes)  
>> which produces a high load on the server. During this time named    
>> answers only a limited number of queries (around 100-200 queries/s),
>> the others probably will timeout.
>         This is the cache cleaning removing stale records.

Ups, thats not so good because of the limited answers of queries and the
timeouts our usesrs archive. Is there a way to resolve this? Would it
make sense to disable the cache cleaning ({cleaning-interval 0; }? If I
do so, what would happen with the cache?

Kind Regards,


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