BIND 9.3 error

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Jan 20 01:38:09 UTC 2005

You should file a bug report to bind9-bugs at with a patch so that the
code can be upgraded.


At 12:31 AM 1/19/2005, Elzey, Blaine A (Blaine) wrote:
>I saw the error quite often as well, it appears benign, but I added 
>handling of this errno to my source code.
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>Subject: Re: BIND 9.3 error
>At 03:51 PM 1/17/2005, Paul Kus wrote:
> >Hi;
> >
> >I was wondering if some one have seen this error before:
> >
> >17-Jan-2005 15:40:40.238 general: error: errno2result.c:66: unexpected
> >error:
> >17-Jan-2005 15:40:40.238 general: error: unable to convert errno to
> >isc_result: 64: The specified network name is no longer available.
> >
> >I keep seeing it in my server running BIND 9.3.  It shows up every
> >minute or so.  It doesn't seem to be causing any problems but I just
> >don't know what to make of it
> >
> >Thanks for your help
> >Paul
> >paulkus at
>It usually helps to tell people the O/S you're running on. You're running
>since that's the line that message appears on. My guess is that you are 
>dynamic DNS zones and that the DHCP server is constantly adding and removing
>records. The message isn't mapped to an internal ISC error code so you see
>the message.

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