can bind8 override a single A record?

HAND,Nathan Nathan.HAND at
Thu Jan 20 04:56:41 UTC 2005

I have an unusual situation and I'm hoping bind8 can solve it.=20

The short version of the question is, can bind8 override a single A
record in a zone, but forward all other requests to the authorative

Here's the long version. Our dept has a partner site;
They host their own DNS and the majority of access to is
via the Internet. However, they host a single server - - that we connect to over a leased line. Their
internal addresses don't match our own, so NAT is used to make appear to be on our local network. The leased line
router (running NAT) is independent of our border router.

This worked fine for many moons. We simply used the local NAT address in
all applications. Recently we have "acquired" an application that is
hardwired to use the name, resolving that to an IP
address via DNS. This, of course, resolves to the real address, not our
local NAT address, so the leased line is not being used.

The application cannot be fixed. It's not going to be practical to
deploy a hosts file to all our desktops/servers. Also it won't be
possible to change the authorative A record for
NATing the real address into the local NAT address at our border router
was considered and rejected. A combination of politics, bureaucracy and
technical hurdles have exhausted all those possibilities.

So the thought running around here was, could we modify our own DNS
server to "rewrite" the A record to use our NAT
address, but leave all other records in that zone alone? We don't want
to be authorative for the entire zone. We just want to override a single
A record for the benefit of this application.=20

I hope that explanation was clear. Any ideas on what can be done?

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