can bind8 override a single A record?

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Thu Jan 20 05:23:08 UTC 2005

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> I have an unusual situation and I'm hoping bind8 can solve it.=20
> The short version of the question is, can bind8 override a single A
> record in a zone, but forward all other requests to the authorative
> nameserver.
> Here's the long version. Our dept has a partner site;
> They host their own DNS and the majority of access to is
> via the Internet. However, they host a single server -
> - that we connect to over a leased line. Their
> internal addresses don't match our own, so NAT is used to make
> appear to be on our local network. The leased line
> router (running NAT) is independent of our border router.
> This worked fine for many moons. We simply used the local NAT address in
> all applications. Recently we have "acquired" an application that is
> hardwired to use the name, resolving that to an IP
> address via DNS. This, of course, resolves to the real address, not our
> local NAT address, so the leased line is not being used.

Make your server authoritative for the zone "":

zone "" {
  type master;
  file "server.db";

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