Secondary DNS config

Simon Hobson shobson0309 at
Thu Jan 20 08:41:33 UTC 2005

Peter wrote:

>Basically, All I did to configure the slave, is copy all of forwared
>and reverse lookup files in the /etc/named directory as well as the
>named.conf file from the master to the slave.  I then changed (in all
>locations of the named.conf file on the slave) all lines that said
>"type master" to "type slave" and then added a line to each zone that
>was a slave "masters { a.b.c.d; }; ".  I then restarted bind on both
>the primary and slave.

Did you add an NS record for the secondary to the zone files ? If 
not, then without an also-notify statement, the master will never 
inform the slave of any changes - this does not mean they will never 
get propagated, it just takes longer as the slave will only find out 
when it asks.

>I also had one other question, If the primary DNS goes down, should
>the slave continue to serve the requests ?

Yes, as long at the records have not timed out. But don't forget that 
clients have to know to ask it - so they will need reconfiguring to 
know about both servers. If the 'client' is another name server 
looking for an answer on behalf of a client, then it relies on the NS 
records to know what are the current nameserver(s) for the domain 
(another reason to have the correct glue records).



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