assistance with Bind 8 configuration

Thu Jan 20 23:56:31 UTC 2005

I appologize if this is not the right group and point to where I can get  the 
info i need
I have configured BIND 8
bash-2.03$ strings /usr/sbin/in.named | grep -i "version.c"
$Id:  version.c,v 8.3 1999/01/02 06:05:14 vixie Exp $

I have a requirement that one host name reply with four IP addresses and  
that this reply always happen in the same order (no roundrobin effect).
cwp-ms                   IN      A
cwp-ms                   IN      A
cwp-ms                   IN      A
cwp-ms                   IN      A

I always want .164 to be the first address sent - Can this be done and if  so 
how do i configure it.
Art Providakes
aprovida at

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