Secondary DNS config

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Jan 21 20:10:30 UTC 2005

peter.marshall at wrote:

>I have a bunch of enteries like below in the messages file on the slave
>server ...  not sure what is causing the permission denied ...
>Jan 21 15:00:49 redhat8 named[22152]: transfer of ''
>from end of transfer
>Jan 21 15:04:31 redhat8 named[22152]: dumping master file:
>/etc/named/tmp-XXXX5il3sQ: open: permission denied
>Jan 21 15:04:31 redhat8 named[22152]: transfer of '' from
> failed while receiving responses: permission denied
Probably you're running named as an unprivileged user which doesn't have 
permission to write the zone file to the working directory.

                                          - Kevin

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