BIND 9.3.0 - UDP listen problem

nishant80 at nishant80 at
Fri Jan 21 10:29:26 UTC 2005

Hey all,
Thankfully, i got this solved. This was happening becuase my OS does
not support sending/recieving control messages (CMSG*) via sendmsg()
and recvmsg() calls.

Thus a call to recvmsg() in the code was returning EINVAL.

If you ever face this problem then undefine "USE_CMSG" (i.e. #undef
USE_CMSG) in the file lib/isc/unix/socket.c. This will disbale the
support for sending/recieving control mesasges.

feeling relieved,

nishant80 at wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I was earlier using BIND 9.2.3 when I decided to migrate to 9.3.0 and
> the problems started.
> The new nameserver (BIND 9.3.0) is not able to listen for UDP queries
> and the same is reflected by the log messages.
> when I start the nameserver by the following command:
> named -c ./named.conf -g
> The log messages on the terminal says:
> "zone authors.bind/CH: could not find NS and/or SOA records"
> "zone hostname.bind/CH: could not find NS and/or SOA records"
> "zone version.bind/CH: could not find NS and/or SOA records"
> "zone id.server/CH: could not find NS and/or SOA records"
> and at the end it says:
> "UDP client handler shutting down due to fatal receive error: invalid
> file"
> >From here, the nameserver remains in the running state but responds
> only to queries sent on a TCP connection. I used the dig command to
> query it, but the nameserver gives back the answers only when I
> +tcp with dig.
> It seems that there are new builtin zones in BIND 9.3.0
> hostname.bind etc) which are creating problem as can be seen in the
> messages given below.
> Has anyone faced this problem? Am I doing something wrong here?
> Any suggestions, clarifications are most welcome.
> Thanks in advance,
> Nishant
> The only zone I am loading is ""
> The complete nameserver startup log is:
> 18-Jan-2005 11:10:03.0lu starting BIND 9.3.0 -c named.conf -g -d10
> 18-Jan-2005 11:10:03.0lu loading configuration from
> '/etc/dns_secure/named.conf'
> 18-Jan-2005 11:10:03.0lu no IPv6 interfaces found
> 18-Jan-2005 11:10:03.0lu listening on IPv4 interface #LOOP0,
> 18-Jan-2005 11:10:03.0lu listening on IPv4 interface #SN1,
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