dig, host not marked as depending on liblwres in win32utils/BINDBuild.dsw (BIND 9.3.0)

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Jan 22 00:46:29 UTC 2005

At 08:56 AM 1/21/2005, Stefan Puiu wrote:
>While compiling BIND 9.3.0 on Windows 2000 with MS VC++ 6.0 using the
>BINDBuild.dsw workspace provided in the win32utils directory,  I noticed
>that batch builds would fail, because dig and host are not marked as
>depending on liblwres, so they'd get built before the library and the
>link stage would fail. You'd then have to compile them again after the
>library gets built. This also happens if you want to just build either
>dig or host, since MSDEV builds the dependecies first and then the
>This is a minor problem, but I thought I'd report it; I've also included
>a patch to BINDBuild.dsw which fixes that.

I'm aware of this. I don't know if the update I sent to bind9-bugs includes
this fix already. I kept tripping over this but it's only a problem if you
are building from inside VS. The batch file builds in the correct order.


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