Antwort: Domain controller unable to dynamically add/update PTR record

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Tue Jan 25 06:57:48 UTC 2005

One advantage (is ist really?) of QIP DNS is the multiple master 
architecture. have you something like this? If so, then keep in mind that 
updates to other qip-dns servers are made via prerequisites 
using something like "QIPBogus.Domain". 
Maybe that's the problem, thus you have to check your QIP-Design. 

Else, I don't really know that if w2k dcs use prereqs. To my mind the w2ks 
use only "update delete in a" followed by "update add 12345 in a" unless
you change the value in the registry for the automatic deletion! 

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Thema:        Domain controller unable to dynamically add/update PTR 

In our environment, we have allowed Windows domain controllers to
dynamically update their A & PTR records within the Windows only
domains.  I'm currently troubelshooting a problem where a couple DC's
register their A records fine but fail when trying to do their PTR
records.  After sifting through the various server logs, I came across
the following error which I believe is at the core of the problem since
I had a Windows admin do an ipconfig /registerdns on the DC to force it
to re-register its records and noted that this error appeared within
seconds after that attempt. 
update.log:Jan 24 11:45:24.901 info: client
updating zone '': update failed: 'RRset exists (value dependent)'
e not satisfied (NXRRSET)

While it's clear that the problem is related to a prerequisite not being
met, it's not clear to me what exact prerequisite has failed to be
satisifed.  Can anyone shed any light here?  I know this is a common
problem with DHCP clients but DHCP is not involved here.  FWIW, the
primary DNS server where these updates are coming into is a QIP DNS
server.  I'll provide any further info as needed/requested.



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