controlling size of jnl file for dynamic updates

Jeff Synnestvedt bluejeff31 at
Tue Jan 25 15:30:14 UTC 2005

I recently have picked BIND to use as a dns server in a project I am
doing.  To keep it brief I end up sending a lot of ddns updates to
bind because this project involves a lot of IPs that are constantly

So far tests have shown that BIND is working very well and handling
all the updates fine.  The only problem I have uncovered is with the
size of the jnl file.  Over time after many updates the jnl file grows
to a substantial size (right now after some initial testing it is
already at the 500MB mark).  I have onlly found one way to reduce the
size of the file and that is to stop the server, remove the file and
the start the server again.  This works because when you stop BIND it
writes all of the jnl entries into the zone file.

Is there any configuration or other way I can limit the size or
truncate this file?  It is very critical that this server remain up
and even taking it down for the breif period of time to remove the jnl
file is very undesireable right now.



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