BIND 9 Views

Al Sparks data345 at
Wed Jan 26 07:52:24 UTC 2005

I ran into a problem with my BIND 9 setup.

I have 2 views, which I've named "internal" and "external".

The "internal" view comes before the "external" view.  The "internal"
view is limited to 172.168/16.  The "external" view is available to

So, my understanding of views is that with the above configuration, if
a node in my internal network queries the nameserver, the nameserver
should check the "internal" view for a zone match.  If it matches,
then information for that zone in the "internal" view will be
provided.  If it doesn't match then it will attempt to match a zone in
the "external" view.

I had a situation where external nodes were able to query the
nameserver's zones in the "external" view, but internal nodes weren't.

Worse, it used to work, but all of a sudden didn't.

I finally duplicated the zones that were in the "external" view into
the "internal" view, but I'd like to be able to troubleshoot the root
of the problem.
What do I check for?  Any hints on troubleshooting this?
   === Al

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