BIND 8.4.5 as cache server, long delay to resolve some domains...

Ronan Flood ronan at
Wed Jan 26 13:29:30 UTC 2005

Jacques-Andre Petit <japetit at> wrote:

> I get some delays before response from BIND 8.4.5 running as cache DNS 
> in "erratic" domains.
> After debugging a while, it seems that the problem arises when the 
> requested domain info depends of one root and the DNS record for that 
> domain is depending of another root.
> A sample :   domain would be my_domain.*net* with a NS record pointing 
> to ns.another_domain.*com*
> BIND behave as if it "forgot" the primary request ( to 
> resolve

That's exactly what it does: it drops the request and hopes to have
the information ready by the time the client asks again.

> Once resolved (, BIND stops and never resolves 
> Then, after about 5 seconds, there is a new request from the client 
> (timeout) and BIND can resolve further as it then knows how to resolve 
> A realworld example would be  (dig response pasted below)
> We suppose that this situation is not RFC compliant (where NS pointers 
> must belong to the same root as the domain they manage), and that this 

Which RFC?

> cannot "semantically" be considered as bug, but from the user point of 
> view, it is translated as long delays and frustration.
> Is there a way to fix that behavior?

Install BIND9 ...

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