BIND 8.4.5 as cache server, long delay to resolve some domains...

Jacques-André Petit japetit at
Wed Jan 26 15:56:50 UTC 2005

"Lame Servers" seems to be another problem. It's more to be considered 
as information report (bad authority delegation of the concerned 
domain/server in short) and can be put out of logging in named.conf

logging {
  category lame-servers { null; };

These message are not to be considered as errors on the server.

rene mathis wrote:

>I have the same problem with BIND 9.3.0.
>Before I was using BIND 9.2.1 (and 9.2.3) and there the Name Server was
>sometimes waiting for 2 seconds before sending a recursive query to another
>nameserver on the internet (not only root servers).
>Since I am using BIND 9.3.0 I have a lot of "Lame Servers" logged (maybe one
>per 500 queries). 

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