DNS query returns root servers

Johnathan Long none at i.am.invalid
Wed Jan 26 01:28:44 UTC 2005

In article <ct6hcg$dgk$1 at sf1.isc.org>, "BigHaig" <big at foots.com> wrote:

> Running any DNS query agains ns.nease.net returns all the root servers.  Why 
> is this?  I am trying to troubleshoot why clients from China cannot email us 
> in the US.  Please explain if this is a DNS issue on their end.  Please see 
> example below, it does this for all record types, not just MX.

If your DNS is otherwise working (i.e. people in other parts of the 
world have no trouble resolving your DNS) and people in China ARE having 
this problem, then the problem is almost certainly the DNS spoofing 
being done by the government of China.

Go to Google and type in "china dns spoofing".

What can you do about it? Probably nothing.

J. Long

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