Tuning Bind9?

fredrik.pettai at vattenfall.com fredrik.pettai at vattenfall.com
Thu Jan 27 13:01:19 UTC 2005


We have bind 9(.2.x) on Solaris, since it's multithreaded and support =
incremental updates.

However, then we do _big_ zone-transfers of a hole zone (for example =
RBL-zones), the name-resulotion (queries) becomes really slow, and those =
zone-transfers can take a long time if you need to transfer the hole =
As i can see, there is only 4 threads working on the server but only =
about 20% of cpu-usage totally during the heavy zone-tranfers (and no =
other bottlenecks in the systemem that i can see...)
Is it possible to trim bind so it have a chance to answer the queries =
faster then a _big_ zone-transfer is in progress? I searched for ways of =
increasing the the threads, but i found nothing. I've checked the =
disk/mem/network connection of the machine and those things seems to be =
quite enought. So i don't think it's a limit of the machine that makes =
this "slowniness" during the _big_ zone-transfers...
I didn't find any useful parameters to add i the configuration-file =
Has someone else had this problem? and solved it?


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