Prioritize A records?

jim.mcnamara at jim.mcnamara at
Thu Jan 27 15:44:50 UTC 2005

Hello all!

I have a client with 2 servers running Bind 9.3.0, and they want to
have websites located on 2 different machines. I know it is no problem
for BIND to have multiple A records for the same domain name, but I am
wondering if there is a way to force the use of the first of the
addresses, much like the priority number for MX records. Ideally, I'd
like to direct all http traffic to the intended server, but then have a
second IP address in case the first server is down or overloaded. Could
I do some thing like this -

7200  IN A  10 X.X.X.X
7200  IN A  20 Y.Y.Y.Y    ?

Or will just listing them in that order direct all traffic to the first

Thanks for your time!


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