DNSone opinions

Obi-Wan bvh at stork.inebraska.com
Wed Jun 1 21:20:43 UTC 2005

Our hospital (~3000 machines) is looking for a DHCP/DNS managment
solution, either software or an appliance.  We're a mixed Windows/Unix
shop.  We currently run DNS on a handful of Linux/BIND9 machines, and
do not yet run DHCP (I know, I know -- I'm new here and am trying to
change that).

We've got a demo setup soon for the DNSone appliance from Infoblox.
Is anybody running these boxes?  Anything good or bad to say about
them?  Anything you wish it did that it doesn't do?  I'm especially
interested in hearing what other solutions you considered when you
chose DNSone (or didn't chose it).

We're also looking at Lucent's VitalQIP software, and are open to
any other suggestions anybody has.  Thanks.

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