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I was researching DNS/DHCP appliances a while back and found this company 
(www.bluecatnetworks.com) to have a far superior product compared to anyone 
else.  We actually went through a thorough test plan and they came out on 
top in every regard -- GUI, performance, easy to use, support, etc.  The 
DNSOne company had a decent product but not in the same league.  We couldn't 
buy either of them though because our budget got cut.

VitalQIP is overkill and a waste of money and resources.

Frank Hopper

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>Our hospital (~3000 machines) is looking for a DHCP/DNS managment
>solution, either software or an appliance.  We're a mixed Windows/Unix
>shop.  We currently run DNS on a handful of Linux/BIND9 machines, and
>do not yet run DHCP (I know, I know -- I'm new here and am trying to
>change that).
>We've got a demo setup soon for the DNSone appliance from Infoblox.
>Is anybody running these boxes?  Anything good or bad to say about
>them?  Anything you wish it did that it doesn't do?  I'm especially
>interested in hearing what other solutions you considered when you
>chose DNSone (or didn't chose it).
>We're also looking at Lucent's VitalQIP software, and are open to
>any other suggestions anybody has.  Thanks.
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