How to adjust TTL ?

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> Subject: How to adjust TTL ?
> Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 11:06:06 +1130
> Hello,
>  Could somebody please point this newbie in the right direction ? 
>  Where in named do I configure the TTL for resolved addresses ? For 
example if I ping our DNS server resolves the address and 
everything is fine. But if I ping again say after 2 hours 
of the first resolution it has to go off and resolve the IP again. Is 
that normal ? I would prefer for various network reasons it kept the 
first record it found in it's own table for at least 8 hours. Could 
somebody please tell me how to achieve this ?

Can't.  The OWNING domain sets the TTL.

If you want to set the TTL, you have to own the domain.  This might be 
down by setting up your own copy of the domain in question.  Be advised, 
however, that unless you get the ENTIRE zone file, things WILL break.

There are times when you might want to resolve a remote name to a local 
host so that you could, say, suppress banner ads or some such reason 
but, in general, the remote name server sets things.

As for HOW you do this, just set up a zone, zone file, and make your DNS 
server master for that particular domain.
> Thanks very much !
> Sylvan 

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