How to adjust TTL ?

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> Hello,
>  Could somebody please point this newbie in the right direction ? 
>  Where in named do I configure the TTL for resolved addresses ? For example 
>  if I ping our DNS server resolves the address and everything 
>  is fine. But if I ping again say after 2 hours of the first 
>  resolution it has to go off and resolve the IP again. Is that normal ? I 
>  would prefer for various network reasons it kept the first record it found 
>  in it's own table for at least 8 hours. Could somebody please tell me how to 
>  achieve this ?

You can't.  If Google says you should only cache the record for 5 
minutes, you mustn't ignore them.  They need to be able to change their 
records and know that after 5 minutes they can shut down the old servers 
without causing problems because some idiot decided to hold on to that 
address for the better part of a day.

You can configure a max-ttl, so that you'll clean out records faster, 
but you can't configure BIND to hold on to records longer than the owner 

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