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Michael Barber mikeb at
Sat Jun 11 02:14:17 UTC 2005

> I'm trying to delegate the entire * to a 
> secondary location which will/should be running dns as 

> will be the master? 

Yes, .61 is the secondary/slave.

>Glue is only when the NS name is in your zone. You could put the NS records
in your zone. You would then need the glue in >the parent domain. 
>For second-level domains this is normally done at/by the registrar, but in
your case it would be done by those who >>>control 
>(Appears to be you.)

The glue record is there now-->  Readded it.

preview		IN	NS
;glue record for hostingplatform ns        86400    IN    A        86400    IN    A

> One of the hosts under this domain is  
> When I do a lookup at, I get this [snip] Searching for 
> A record at
> []: Reports that no A records exist. [took 87 ms]
> Answer:
> No A records exist for [Neg TTL=3600 
> seconds]

>I get the same thing, albeit from the NS servers you mentioned.

I think this will now be different with the changes Barry suggested.  They
are different for me.  However I still cannot access the web address  

Also, all along I have been concerned with the fact that they say they
( do not need to run NS records for the zones under
*  And, this ends in a loop of nowhere when you NS
query it.

DNS Lookup: NS record
Generated by
How I am searching:
Searching for NS record at []: Got referral to D.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
[took 7 ms]
Searching for NS record at
D.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to [took
139 ms]
Searching for NS record at
[]: Got referral to [took 79 ms]
Searching for NS record at []: Reports that no NS records exist.
[took 14 ms] 

No NS records exist for [Neg TTL=86400

Details: (an authoritative nameserver for says that there are no NS records for
The E-mail address in charge of the zone is:
staff at

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