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> Also, all along I have been concerned with the fact that they say they
> ( do not need to run NS records for the zones under
> *  And, this ends in a loop of nowhere when you NS
> query it.

NS records aren't needed for the * names, since 
they aren't delegated subzones.  They're just names in the zone.  They have A records, which should be all 
they need.

> DNS Lookup: NS record
> Generated by
> How I am searching:
> Searching for NS record at
> []: Got referral to D.GTLD-SERVERS.NET.
> [took 7 ms]
> Searching for NS record at
> D.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to [took
> 139 ms]
> Searching for NS record at
> []: Got referral to [took 79 ms]
> Searching for NS record at
> []: Reports that no NS records exist.
> [took 14 ms] 
> Answer:
> No NS records exist for [Neg TTL=86400
> seconds]
> Details:
> (an authoritative nameserver for
> says that there are no NS records for
> The E-mail address in charge of the zone is:
> staff at

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