Question about Cache, and using forwarders

Cormack, Ken Ken.Cormack at
Mon Jun 13 18:54:45 UTC 2005

I'm not having much luck finding a definitive answer for a question, so I
thought I'd run this by the list.  Perhaps one of you may know the anser or
where I can find it.

In my environment, a recently purchased company is being added to the
corporate "fold", and we need to get some internal DNS data shared between
some divisions.  The proposed solution is for the new division's DNS servers
to "forward" queries for my internal data to my DNS box.  I'm thinking that
setting up the new division's server to "secondary" my data would be better
than having them "forward" requests for my data to my server.

Does anyone know if responses sent to a DNS server configured to "forward"
queries for a given zone are cached at the client's DNS server?  Or does
each successive query to the client's DNS server result in that query being
again "forwarded" to my authoritative server?

Thanks all, in advance,


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