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Cormack, Ken wrote:
| List,
| I'm not having much luck finding a definitive answer for a question, so I
| thought I'd run this by the list.  Perhaps one of you may know the anser or
| where I can find it.
| In my environment, a recently purchased company is being added to the
| corporate "fold", and we need to get some internal DNS data shared between
| some divisions.  The proposed solution is for the new division's DNS servers
| to "forward" queries for my internal data to my DNS box.  I'm thinking that
| setting up the new division's server to "secondary" my data would be better
| than having them "forward" requests for my data to my server.

Setting up a "slave" is a good idea. It will always have the data you ask for -
no need to query. It will be authoritative - no chance to poison.

| Does anyone know if responses sent to a DNS server configured to "forward"
| queries for a given zone are cached at the client's DNS server?  Or does
| each successive query to the client's DNS server result in that query being
| again "forwarded" to my authoritative server?

It will cache.

| Thanks all, in advance,
| Ken

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