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> Hi
> hope this is the best group to post this in
> i have just moved over our office to BT from easynet
> with easynet we had our dns setup so we could run a mail server from the 
> office.   the domain had a sub domain '' and easynet setup a

> reverse record for this as well
> since moving to BT we have the same setup internally, however BT will not 
> change their reverse dns ptr/in-addr records to match our domain and i am 

They should probably delegate the reverse DNS for your whole subnet to 
your DNS servers.

> worried that this will lead to mail being returned because the reverse
> does not match the domain it comes from 
> is this true and if so how can i get round this

Yes, it's true.  I think BT is being ridiculous.  I can't believe that 
an enterprise Internet connection would not include reverse DNS 

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I am having this problem with BT as we speak.

I have a mail server called set to a BT IP address

When you do a reverse look up on my ip address of you get BT's
reverse PTR

I've checked on RIPE and my IP block is assigned to me, and marked as static
IP address range, however because of this PTR issue it resolves to which registers as a dynamic
domain - therefore I see this message from certain hosts

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I've found that if you mail abuse at you can request they
change DNS PTR to you dns hosts.

I'm currently in the process of trying this.

Try your self, let me know how you get on.



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