Resolving a specific domain cause problems

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Mon Jun 27 13:06:53 UTC 2005

Ok so it's not a gTLD but it should act as a gTLD isn't it?

This is a part of our file
$TTL 86400
gprs. IN    SOA     ns1.mnc008.mcc204 root.ns1.mnc008.mcc204 (
                        2005062303      ; serial
                        3600            ; refresh every 60 min
                        900             ; retry every 15 min
                        604800          ; expire after a week
                        86400           ; minimum TTL 1 day
                        IN      NS      ns1.mnc008.mcc204.gprs.
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc008.mcc204.gprs.

mnc002.mcc238           IN      NS      ns1.mnc002.mcc238
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc002.mcc238
mnc001.mcc206           IN      NS      ns1.mnc001.mcc206
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc001.mcc206
mnc003.mcc262           IN      NS      ns1.mnc003.mcc262
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc003.mcc262
mnc002.mcc228           IN      NS      ns1.mnc002.mcc228
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc002.mcc228
mnc341.mcc722           IN      NS      ns1.mnc341.mcc722
                        IN      NS      ns2.mnc341.mcc722
ns1.mnc002.mcc238       IN      A
ns2.mnc002.mcc238       IN      A
ns1.mnc001.mcc206       IN      A
ns2.mnc001.mcc206       IN      A
ns1.mnc003.mcc262       IN      A
ns2.mnc003.mcc262       IN      A
ns1.mnc002.mcc228       IN      A
ns2.mnc002.mcc228       IN      A
ns3.mnc002.mcc228       IN      A
ns1.mnc341.mcc722       IN      A
ns2.mnc341.mcc722       IN      A

And a part of named.conf
# more named.conf
// generated by

options {
        directory "/etc/";    // running directory for named
         * If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want
         * to talk to, you might need to uncomment the query-source
         * directive below.  Previous versions of BIND always asked
         * questions using port 53, but BIND 8.1 uses an unprivileged
         * port by default.
        // query-source address * port 53;

controls {
  inet allow {localhost;} keys {rndckey;};

key "rndckey" {
  algorithm hmac-md5;
  secret "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";

// type         domain                  source file
zone "gprs" {
        type master;
        file "db.gprs";

Could the first gprs. in the specific domain causes the problem?

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Onderwerp: RE: Resolving a specific domain cause problems

At 2:50 PM +0200 2005-06-27, a.r.kuiters at wrote:

>  The domain is specific to mobile packet switched networks:
>  The last part of this domain is standarized by 3GPP (mncxxx.mccxxx.gprs)
>  first three is the APN (access-point name).

	Well, that's not a standard Internet gTLD, so there's not much we 
can do to help you debug that problem directly.

>                                              In our DNS we have a domain
>  gprs., could this conflict with specific domain?

	If you don't have a delegation for the subdomain, yes.

	It's like having your server configured to think that it owns all 
of .com, and not having a delegation for, and then 
complaining that you can't get to AOL.

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