Resolving a specific domain cause problems

Brad Knowles brad at
Mon Jun 27 13:26:08 UTC 2005

At 3:06 PM +0200 2005-06-27, a.r.kuiters at wrote:

>  Ok so it's not a gTLD but it should act as a gTLD isn't it?

	The way you're using it, obviously it is supposed to.

>  This is a part of our file
>  $TTL 86400
>  gprs. IN    SOA     ns1.mnc008.mcc204 root.ns1.mnc008.mcc204 (
>                          2005062303      ; serial
>                          3600            ; refresh every 60 min
>                          900             ; retry every 15 min
>                          604800          ; expire after a week
>                          86400           ; minimum TTL 1 day
>                          )
>                          IN      NS      ns1.mnc008.mcc204.gprs.
>                          IN      NS      ns2.mnc008.mcc204.gprs.

	Well, if you're going to define your own gTLD, at least this part 
seems plausible.

	Of course, you don't have the glue IP address records for your 
two nameservers here.  Are they defined elsewhere?

>  mnc341.mcc722           IN      NS      ns1.mnc341.mcc722
>                          IN      NS      ns2.mnc341.mcc722

	And you do seem to have a correct delegation for the appropriate subdomain.

>  ns1.mnc341.mcc722       IN      A
>  ns2.mnc341.mcc722       IN      A

	The glue looks like it should be kosher.

>  Could the first gprs. in the specific domain causes the problem?

	In files like this, you normally want to have all definitions 
either be fully qualified (with a trailing dot), or have them all be 
unqualified (no trailing dot).  You generally don't want to mix the 
two different types of uses.  And you normally don't explicitly 
specify the zone being referenced in the SOA record, since that will 
automatically be put into the correct place from the file definition 
in the named.conf, if you use "@" instead of "gprs.", although there 
shouldn't be any damage done by explicitly specifying the zone name.

	But these are all style issues, which are intended to help you 
keep from making mistakes.  So far as I can tell, you don't seem to 
have made any of the mistakes that these style issues are intended to 
help you avoid.

	At this point, you need to know what is happening with 
ns1.mnc341.mcc722.gprs and ns2.mnc341.mcc722.gprs.  Of course, these 
machines don't appear to be connected to the Internet, so it's hard 
for us to help you with any direct debugging.  Normally, I'd direct 
you to use tools like, ZoneCheck, and DNS Sleuth to do 
some more debugging.  See See <>, 
<>, and
<> for examples of using these tools to take 
a look at the domain, which someone was 
asking about a few days ago on this list/group.

	In your case, you're probably going to have to go with less 
complete information from tools like "doc" and "dnswalk", because the 
zones you're having trouble with are not connected to the Internet.

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