Is my BIND Server's Cache Poisioned ?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Jun 30 05:33:49 UTC 2005

> i
> On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > 	No.  These are just a mis-configured zones.
> >
> > only has glue records for the nameservers.
> > has CNAMEs for the nameservers.
> >
> > 	Both of these misconfigurations are visible to nameservers
> > 	that are IPv6 aware.  Nameservers that are not IPv6 aware
> > 	are not likely to make the queries that make these
> > 	misconfigurations visible.
> Why would these dns misconfigurations be visible only to IPV6-aware servers?

	Because IPv6 aware nameservers make AAAA queries for the
	IPv6 addresses of the nameservers and as a result see the
	NXDOMAIN / CNAME.  The IPv4 only nameservers don't make
	these queries, as a matter of practice, and only see the
	problems if some client of the nameserver makes a query
	for some records with the same name as that of the nameservers.

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