What am I missing?

Chris Zimmerman czimmer at wczimmerman.dyndns.org
Thu Jun 30 22:06:21 UTC 2005

The setup:

Domain: domain.com
Sub domain: test.domain.com
Master server for domain.com, with a slave for redundancy.
2 more slaves for the test.domain.com
Bind version: 9.2.2 on master, 9.3.1 on sub domain slaves

Master server: ns1.domain.com
Slave: ns2.mclaneco.com
Slave: dns1.test.mclaneco.com
Slave: dns2.test.mclaneco.com
Example machine: machine1.test.domain.com

I wanted to have a central place where all DNS entries could be
maintained, so I did not delegate the test.domain.com domain to the
dns1 and dns2 servers and make ns1 a slave to them.  Instead I added a
$ORIGIN test.domain.com and A records to the domain.com zone file and
setup the appropriate entries in the named.conf file. Name resolution
using the FQDN works great.  It's when I use only the hostname, relying
on the resolv.conf to add the test.domain.com from the search parameter
that I experience a 10 second delay before the resolution is complete.
The FQDN resolution is instant.  This only happens when my machines are
pointed to the 2 dns1 and 2 slave servers for hostname resolution.  If
I point them directly to the master server, everything works fine.

What am I missing?  I'm sure I've just got something setup incorrectly.

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