What am I missing?

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Jun 30 22:43:58 UTC 2005

Chris Zimmerman wrote:

>The setup:
>Domain: domain.com
>Sub domain: test.domain.com
>Master server for domain.com, with a slave for redundancy.
>2 more slaves for the test.domain.com
>Bind version: 9.2.2 on master, 9.3.1 on sub domain slaves
>Master server: ns1.domain.com
>Slave: ns2.mclaneco.com
>Slave: dns1.test.mclaneco.com
>Slave: dns2.test.mclaneco.com
>Example machine: machine1.test.domain.com
>I wanted to have a central place where all DNS entries could be
>maintained, so I did not delegate the test.domain.com domain to the
>dns1 and dns2 servers and make ns1 a slave to them.  Instead I added a
>$ORIGIN test.domain.com and A records to the domain.com zone file and
>setup the appropriate entries in the named.conf file. 
If you didn't set up dns1 and dns2 as slaves, what "appropriate entries" 
were added to the named.conf file, and are you talking about the 
named.conf file on ns1, ns2, dns1 and/or dns2? It's not clear what you 
did here.

>Name resolution
>using the FQDN works great.  It's when I use only the hostname, relying
>on the resolv.conf to add the test.domain.com from the search parameter
>that I experience a 10 second delay before the resolution is complete.
>The FQDN resolution is instant.  This only happens when my machines are
>pointed to the 2 dns1 and 2 slave servers for hostname resolution.  If
>I point them directly to the master server, everything works fine.
Again, not clear. Do you get a 10-second delay on *every* query you 
attempt, using dns1 and/or dns2, or only on the non-FQDN queries you 
attempt from those servers? Do the same non-FQDN queries get a 10-second 
delay when you use other nameservers? What lookup tool are you using, 
and exactly what parameters are you giving that tool? Is there anything 
in your searchlist *besides* test.domain.com?

I have to admit, I have a *strong* bias against using shortnames in any 
way, shape or form, so my initial inclination was just to respond to 
your message with a pithy "if non-FQDN queries don't work, then use only 
FQDNs" (a variation on the old "doctor, it hurts when I do {this}", 
"then don't do {this}" joke). However, I think maybe getting down to the 
root cause of your problem may help you (and hopefully others) 
understand why shortnames/searchlists are Evil and Nasty and To Be 
Avoided If At All Possible.

I also have a strong bias against nslookup, if that's what you're using 
to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, nslookup happens to emulate the 
searchlist functionality better than the tools I normally use (shows how 
much I use searchlists, eh?), so it might actually be a better choice 
for troubleshooting this particular type of issue...

                                             - Kevin

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