Details about Round robin behaviour ??

mathieu.millet at mathieu.millet at
Wed Mar 2 13:19:51 UTC 2005

	Hi everyone,

I'm interesting in getting details about the behaviour of round robin
feature in Bind.

More specially, can somebody tell me precisely :
	- The default behaviour of Bind when you have multiple identical
RRsets with Bind 9.2.3+ and Bind 9.3.x ? Are all RRsets returned ? If yes,
in which order ?
	- What is the support status of the option rrset-order (and
orderclass) with Bind 9.2.3+ and Bind 9.3.x ?
	- What does "rrset-order in more complete." mean (specified in Bind
9.3 Changes) ?

I have already looked at Bind ARM and DNS&BIND from O'Reilly and I can't
find a conclusive answer to these questions (Maybe I didn't understand the
answers in these books ;o).

Thanks in advance for any help,
Sincerely yours, Mathieu.

Mathieu MILLET

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