Details about Round robin behaviour ??

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Mar 2 23:18:45 UTC 2005

mathieu.millet at wrote:

>	Hi everyone,
>I'm interesting in getting details about the behaviour of round robin
>feature in Bind.
>More specially, can somebody tell me precisely :
>	- The default behaviour of Bind when you have multiple identical
>RRsets with Bind 9.2.3+ and Bind 9.3.x ? Are all RRsets returned ? If yes,
>in which order ?
The default behavior of BIND is to filter out duplicate RRs. This is 
mandated by RFC 2181, Section 5. That's the answer to your first 
question, and renders the other 2 questions meaningless.

>	- What is the support status of the option rrset-order (and
>orderclass) with Bind 9.2.3+ and Bind 9.3.x ?
>	- What does "rrset-order in more complete." mean (specified in Bind
>9.3 Changes) ?
>I have already looked at Bind ARM and DNS&BIND from O'Reilly and I can't
>find a conclusive answer to these questions (Maybe I didn't understand the
>answers in these books ;o).
Instead of asking these speculative questions, why don't you just 
configure what you want to configure and see if those versions of BIND 
behave they way you want them to? Sometimes an ounce of real-world 
testing and verification is worth a ton of code description and/or 

                                             - Kevin

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