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Sebastian Castro Avila secastro at nic.cl
Tue Mar 8 19:40:16 UTC 2005

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> Hi everybody,


> I was wondering if anyone can tell me of *any* tools that I can use to  
> see
> how many queries that my server can handle per second. I really would  
> like
> to stress the server before we put it into production to make sure that  
> it
> can stand up and there are no unforeseen problems.

Your server is going to be an authoritative server, a cache server, a mix  
of both?

Because to test capacity, you should design separate battery test for each  

To test an authoritative server, you can query anything you like, because  
I will give you a referal or an authoritative answer, without querying to  
anyone else.

To test a cache server, you should create your battery test carefully,  
because querying for too many "unexistant.whatthehell.key" will put your  
numbers down. On the other hand, all your queries must not be "good  
domains", because that will be an unrealistic test.

The tool to test a DNS server is queryperf, include in BIND 9 distribution.

The syntax is pretty straightforward and you specify the queries to be  
sent in a "queries file".

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> Richard Reece
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