Putting BIND through it's paces

Bill Larson bind9 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 8 23:57:25 UTC 2005

On Mar 8, 2005, at 11:49 AM, rreece-misc wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone can tell me of *any* tools that I can use to 
> see
> how many queries that my server can handle per second. I really would 
> like
> to stress the server before we put it into production to make sure 
> that it
> can stand up and there are no unforeseen problems.

This should also be a FAQ.  The answer is in the archives, or a quick 
Google search should also find it.

But, to answer the question anyway, look in the "contrib" directory of 
the BIND sources for "queryperf".  This "queryperf" easily allows 
someone to rapidly query a server to identify how many queries the 
server can handle.

Bill Larson

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