port forwarding

Charles Cala Charles_Cala at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 20:16:22 UTC 2005

To a few people who have mailed me in private[1], and to the rest of ya…

Sigh, I know… I had started to do the stock reply of what dns
does and does NOT do, but my smart ass got the better of me.
If he had not used example.com[0], or if he had gone through
the archives to look for the right questions to ask,
then I would have cut him some more slack…

If he said, “ hay I googled for $FOO and searched through this,
and other news groups/lists, but every thing seams to be
related to $NOT-MY-ISSUE” ,I would have seen that he was
trying to assist himself, and been more helpful to him...

But instead, I answered the question he asked. :)_

A trip through the archives will reveal that this subject comes
up once in a while, and is answered, often "correctily".


[0]Oh yah, have I mentioned I loathe it when people try
and hide public info?
Using example.com to hide your dns info just rubs me the wrong way,
it says (to me) I don’t really want your help to solve my problem,
AND I have no clue about dns.[2]

[1] and to the people who can’t understand that if they want
to post to the group/list, its not a good idea to send
the email only to me

[2] I was tempted to have my footnotes be longer than the body
of this message, but alas this is not ASR

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