couldn't add command channel ::1#953: address not available

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 14 11:19:48 UTC 2005

>>>>> "MJ" == MJ  <php at> writes:

    MJ> Hi, Actaully the only packaged BIND version available on
    MJ> is 9.2.3,

That's no excuse for running old code.

    MJ> One question, I have seen named.conf of a
    MJ> running name server "without any control statement" and the
    MJ> admin of that server is using rndc, how it is possible?

It isn't. Without a controls{} statement, the name server will not set
up a listener socket for control messages. [How else could the server
know which port and key(s) to use and which client(s) were allowed??]
Therefore there will be nothing for an rndc client to connect to. The
admin may well be using rndc, but it won't be for controlling the
server that has a named.conf file that doesn't have a controls{}

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