rendezvous query from a newbee

arvindsd at arvindsd at
Mon Mar 14 05:45:56 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am very much new to Zeroconf/ rendezvous.

I have a lot questions regarding this topic and you may find them very
elementary but please bear with me.

My understanding and questions:

- Zeroconf is a protocol which when implemented on a network, devices
can be just plugged in to the network and used without any
configuration required. The hosts and the clients will exchange
information and do all the configuration on their own.

- Rendezvous is a software or is it a protocol? I am not sure. Whats
the difference between rendezvous and Zeroconf? Is Rendezvous meant
only for Apple and Windows? There is a Windows Installation also
available. What about Rendezvous for Linux?

- What is tmdns? I know that its Trivial Multicast DNS but what has it
got to do with Zeroconf?

- I understand that Zeroconf and DHCP cannot coexist on a network. Am I

- What all do I have to do to make my network and devices Zeroconf

- Can Zeroconf be configured on Windows and Linux Systems?

I thank you all for any help in this regard.

- Arvind

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