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> Hi all,
> I am very much new to Zeroconf/ rendezvous.

Please note that this is a Bind group and Zeroconf/rendezvous don't 
really have anything to do with Bind specifically.

> I have a lot questions regarding this topic and you may find them very
> elementary but please bear with me.
> My understanding and questions:
> - Zeroconf is a protocol which when implemented on a network, devices
> can be just plugged in to the network and used without any
> configuration required. The hosts and the clients will exchange
> information and do all the configuration on their own.
> - Rendezvous is a software or is it a protocol? I am not sure. 

Rendezvous is a set of APIs designed to enable automatic discovery of 
computers,  devices, and services on IP networks.

> Whats
> the difference between rendezvous and Zeroconf? 

Rendezvous is an implementation of Zeroconf.

> Is Rendezvous meant only for Apple and Windows? 

No, but Apple has built Rendezvous (now called Bonjour) into their Mac 
OS X product and has also released an SDK for Windows and several 
Windows products that make use of Rendezvous (for example iTunes). 

> There is a Windows Installation also
> available. What about Rendezvous for Linux?

Try searching Google for "linux rendezvous".

> - What is tmdns? I know that its Trivial Multicast DNS but what has it
> got to do with Zeroconf?

Multicast DNS is the method that applications and services uses to 
advertise themselves. It is one of the core parts of Rendezvous.

> - I understand that Zeroconf and DHCP cannot coexist on a network. Am I
> right?

No, you are not.

> - What all do I have to do to make my network and devices Zeroconf
> Enabled?

That's a pretty broad question. Start by seeing if you can get 
Rendezvous configured for your system.

> - Can Zeroconf be configured on Windows and Linux Systems?


> I thank you all for any help in this regard.

You are welcome.

J. Long

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