Bind 9 is slow?

Jim Reid jim at
Sun Mar 20 17:43:13 UTC 2005

>>>>> "MJ" == MJ  <php at> writes:

    MJ> Hi, I didn't enable IPv6 on solaris8 during the installation
    MJ> and also no other host is using IPv6. So where to check for
    MJ> the permenent solution of this problem?

Well IPv6 must have been enabled somehow. Check your OS documentation.
Maybe you installed a patch or something and that switched IPv6 on.
As for the permanent solution, consult a Solaris expert. You could
contact Sun support or ask in one of the many newsgroups or mailing
lists that deal with Solaris administration. bind-users isn't one of
them. Feeding "Disable IPv6 Solaris" into your favourite search engine
could well point you in the right direction.

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