Bind 9.2.4 zone transfer problem

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Mar 21 23:56:25 UTC 2005

Frank Saxton wrote:

>I'm having this same problem as discussed serveal months ago but named has
>write access to everything!  
>In my quest for an answer I came across a thread that suggests that this
>problem is a bug in 9.2.4.  Obviously, I don't want to spend forever
>troubleshooting a problem that can't be fixed (at least not by me).
>I am running redhat ES 4.0 and Bind 9.2.4 is the latest that they will
>support, apparently.  I'd just as soon not build a newer version from
>source unless I absolutely have to.
>Anybody know anything about this?  I could really use some on-point advice
>(not, oh.... there's a problem in /etc/named.conf).
>namedcheckconf/zone says everything is OK and both the master and slave
>serve up nslookups just fine.  I've checked *EVERYTHING* that I can think
>of that might even remotely cause this
>I have debug set to 12 and I have to admit that this does look like a named
>write permissions setting problem.  But named owns and has write
>permissions to everything below and including /var/named
Care to recap the specifics of your zone-transfer problem and what steps 
you've take to try to diagnose and/or correct it?

What, in particular, makes you think it looks like a write-permission 

- Kevin

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