Bind 9.2.4 zone transfer problem

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Tue Mar 22 00:12:19 UTC 2005

> I'm having this same problem as discussed serveal months ago but named has
> write access to everything!  

	Really?  If named is reporting permission denied then this
	is what the OS is reporting to named and you havn't given
	named write permission to "everything".  You need to check
	directory permissions and ownership.  How the file system
	is mounted.  You need to remember that when running as root
	named does *not* have the ability to override file permissions
	as that has been turn off (Linux only).

	Mind you I don't know how you expect anyone to give you anything
	other than speculation when you don't supply the error messages
	being returned.
> In my quest for an answer I came across a thread that suggests that this
> problem is a bug in 9.2.4.  Obviously, I don't want to spend forever
> troubleshooting a problem that can't be fixed (at least not by me).
> I am running redhat ES 4.0 and Bind 9.2.4 is the latest that they will
> support, apparently.  I'd just as soon not build a newer version from
> source unless I absolutely have to.
> Anybody know anything about this?  I could really use some on-point advice
> (not, oh.... there's a problem in /etc/named.conf).
> namedcheckconf/zone says everything is OK and both the master and slave
> serve up nslookups just fine.  I've checked *EVERYTHING* that I can think
> of that might even remotely cause this
> I have debug set to 12 and I have to admit that this does look like a named
> write permissions setting problem.  But named owns and has write
> permissions to everything below and including /var/named
> Help please!  TIA

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