Different Serial in Bind 8 and 9

MJ php at cyberia.net.sa
Tue Mar 22 12:27:43 UTC 2005

Ok I have read some articles. Since I have control on my Secondary DNS
server so I am doing this by first changing the serial number in primary
and then deleting all zone files on the secondary to force it reload
with correct serial numbers. Now I am getting following warning

WARNING: new serial number < old (2005032201 < 2851040847)

I assume that it is only information that the new serial is less than
the old one but it should not have any other impact, right? Please let
me know if there is some thing dangerous in this as I have around 600


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> Hi,
> My primary name server is Bind 8.2. I installed a new machine as
> secondary name server with bind 9.3.1. One thing I have noticed that
> this new secondary DNS have downloaded all the zone files but the
> is different than what it is in the primary. For example on primary
> server one zone file has serial "20030322166" but on the secondary
> server same zone file has "2850452982" and also it is not getting the
> updates from the master server, whenever there is an increment in the
> serial of master, it does effect the secondary.


Your serial number "over-flowed" - as in the number is too large.  The
serial number computations are performed using 32 bit arithmetic. 

Your serial has 11 digits.  I would limit the serial to YYYYMMDDXX (10
digits).  This gives you up to 100 updates per day (00-99).

There are multiple discussions in the list archives on how to recover
from this.  (In other words, I don't know how to do so right off the
top of my head.)

Gregory Hicks

> Any help will be highly appreciated.
> MJ

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