Different Serial in Bind 8 and 9

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 23 05:07:29 UTC 2005

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> Hi,
> Ok I have read some articles. Since I have control on my Secondary DNS
> server so I am doing this by first changing the serial number in primary
> and then deleting all zone files on the secondary to force it reload
> with correct serial numbers. Now I am getting following warning
> WARNING: new serial number < old (2005032201 < 2851040847)
> I assume that it is only information that the new serial is less than
> the old one but it should not have any other impact, right? Please let
> me know if there is some thing dangerous in this as I have around 600
> zones.

Slave servers only transfer a new copy of a zone if the serial number is 
higher than the one they already have.  That log message is warning you 
that the slave is *not* picking up the new version of the zone because 
the serial number went down instead of up.

The DNS & BIND book has a section explaining how to resolve this problem.

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