DNS question http://www.xyz.com

Charles Cala charles_cala at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 20:52:59 UTC 2005

--- procir at gmail.com wrote:
> I am setting up some DNS servers running BIND 9.2. How do I setup DNS
> so when you are accesing a website you can go to http://xyz.com instead
> of going to http://www.xyz.com. Currently the site is accessible by
> going to http://www.xyz.com but I want to be able to hit the site
> without the www as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in
> advance

xyz.com does that now, are you shure your hitting the right web server?

if your domain is not your own, perhaps you should mention it
so that the people of this group will actually be able to taylor 
a responce to your problem.
for example, if your domain is i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh ,
and you wish www.i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh to go to the same ip
as i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh , it can be done with an "A record"


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