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Thu Mar 31 23:12:35 UTC 2005

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> --- procir at gmail.com wrote:
>> I am setting up some DNS servers running BIND 9.2. How do I setup DNS
>> so when you are accesing a website you can go to http://xyz.com instead
>> of going to http://www.xyz.com. Currently the site is accessible by
>> going to http://www.xyz.com but I want to be able to hit the site
>> without the www as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in
>> advance
> xyz.com does that now, are you shure your hitting the right web server?
> if your domain is not your own, perhaps you should mention it
> so that the people of this group will actually be able to taylor
> a responce to your problem.
> for example, if your domain is i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh ,
> and you wish www.i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh to go to the same ip
> as i_am_a_cluless_newbee.argh , it can be done with an "A record"
> -charles
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Or how about: I-am-a-pompus-ass-who-has-nothing-important-to-contribute.com

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