BIND 9.2.2 and OS X Tiger Server

Daniel Ström daniel at
Wed Nov 2 14:19:49 UTC 2005


We just got a new firewall and this is the first machine i´m hooking  
up a server behind it. This server has a static internal IP of and also a static external IP that points to the  
firewall wich use one-to-one NAT for pointing the external adress to  
the internal. I have added the domain for this server in my  
Authorative DNS (BIND 9.2.2) that resides outside the firewall and  
everything is working fine. I have added both DNS-servers in DNS- 
settings (in the server) and i can browse and send/recieve mail fine  
but it´s this one thing that bugs me. I dont think it resolves to  
itself (at least that´s what i think it is).

This is a Mac OS X Server 10.4 box and if anyone of you is familiar  
with Server Admin (the admin tool for os x server) it does not  
display a DNS name like my two other DNS servers does. Is that  
because it cant resolve its own domain name? If anyone can point me  
in the right direction here on how to correct this i would really  
appriciate it.

/ Daniel

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